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Our range of services covers the complete bookkeeping domain with multi-varied service offered in every sector. We take care of all your needs starting from the data entry part to the complex accounting works. We provide a service solution that runs on a simple principle of maintaining the best bookkeeping and accounting practices to sustain the right control of the business.

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Tax King Inc have qualified Intuit QuickBooks Pro-Advisors. We are equipped to provide excellent QuickBooks service. With 10 years of experience and QuickBooks product knowledge, we are able to offer the best services to help your business. Using the right accounting software packages like QuickBooks we keep you on the loop of your cash flow and financial health of your corporation. Over the years, many CPAs, Accounting Firms, Bookkeeper & small business owners have contacted us to help them get the work done with QuickBooks, empowering them to manage their Bookkeeping and Accounting control over their financial statement while enabling them to take control of their affairs with authenticity.


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Fast and accurate financial records maintenance.

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Keep all your accounting information right at your fingertips with Xero- cloud-based accounting software.

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At Tax King Inc., our professionally trained bookkeeping experts will take care of all your books in addition to the QuickBooks online software for financial reviews. We have every skill to make you forget your accounting and financial worries and focus on the core issues of your business.

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We perform all your bookkeeping and reconciliation activities using the best accounting software as per your business.


The financial statements are ready enough for all the tax filing and strategic decisions making procedures for the future of your business.

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Here at Tax King Inc, we are dedicated to serving your business different, bookkeeping, accounting, and data entry needs. We are highly experienced doing bookkeeping & accounting for everyone.

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What Do the Bookkeeping Services Offer?

Bookkeeping services include plentiful of small and large tasks. The St Paul bookkeeping service providers maintain multiple tasks of retaining the records of financial transactions and other processes happening in the company. Bookkeeping plays a vital role in any business because it records the financial transactions and records of a company that are needed to improve the business performance.

Small business accounting St Paul handles multiple tasks and here are some of the most important tasks:

Maintaining the Records of Payables and Receivables

The St Paul bookkeeping services offer the most important service of managing the account payables. This is a very important responsibility wherein the service provider has to collect various bills and invoices of the business transactions. The bookkeeping service provider keeps a track of all the bills and authenticates all the bills of all the purchases made by the company. They also check the due dates, on-time payments and contract assurances for the business.

Maintaining the record of receivables is equally important for any business and the small business accounting St Paul offer these services while maintaining and generating the client invoices and recording the received payments. The overdue expenses, accounts and neglected records of the company are identified and handled by the St Paul bookkeeping services.

Payroll Processing

One of the most hectic tasks of bookkeeping services is maintaining the payroll. From calculating the salaries of the employees to distributing the salary on time, everything is maintained by the St Paul bookkeeping services. The calculation of salaries of employees of working on daily wages and monthly salary are done. The tax deductions and maintenance of funds in the salary accounts is handled by the small business accounting St Paul.

Data Entry and Maintenance of the Statement

On-time data entry is immensely important for maintaining the correct track records of any business and thus, the bookkeeping services also offer regular data entry services. The financial decisions are based on the data and thus, data entry is a vital part of any business. Apart from this, they also manage the savings description and credit statements of business while authenticating the reliability of coding and records.

Maintaining the Tax Records

The bookkeeping service providers maintain the tax records and the tax obligations. From filing the tax records to consulting the accountant, the St Paul bookkeeping services handle calculation of regular and income tax.

Financial Report Generation

Generating the financial reports on timely basis and annually is important for companies and this task is performed by the bookkeeping service providers. This includes income statements, profit/loss summary, balance sheets etc that is required by the company stakeholders. Small business accounting St Paul generates the financial reports to improve the financial condition of a business.

How Much Do Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Small Business Cost? an Essential Guide

Bookkeeping plays a very important role in managing the finances of any company. Especially, for small business ventures, it is important to record the financial transactions accurately to boost profits.

Accounting and bookkeeping services includes recording, managing and storing all the financial transactions. This also adds invoice and receipt generation for employee salary. St Paul Bookkeeping Services are also important as it provides the data which is needed for preparing company accounts and for clearing taxes.

Cost Assumption for Bookkeeping Services

There are ample of companies that outsource their bookkeeping to tax accountants st Paul. The small business accounting St Paul firms or St Paul bookkeeping services offer high end bookkeeping and thus, small business prefer to outsource. However, there are some options through which companies can manage their bookkeeping services.

  1. DIY bookkeeping

  2. Outsourcing to a professional bookkeeping service provider

  3. Hiring an in-house bookkeeper or accountant

Diy Bookkeeping

The first option for companies is to manage their bookkeeping and accounts. There are ample of startups and growing business ventures launching every day. Such business ventures are unable bear any additional cost of bookkeeping services. For such ventures, DIY bookkeeping is a good option. In DIY bookkeeping, the companies maintain their accounts in a traditional spreadsheet and manage their taxes. There is no need of tax accountants St Paul and the accounts of the company are managed by the employees or managers. This can cost a company anything between $25-$60.

Outsourcing to a Professional Bookkeeping Service Provider

There are plentiful of Small business accounting St Paul and St Paul bookkeeping services providers to whom small businesses can outsource their bookkeeping services. Small businesses can also outsource their bookkeeping services to professional tax accountants St Paul.

You might have to pay an amount of $500 to$2500 a month depending on the amount of work the service providers have to do. They not only manage your bookkeeping services but will also provide you with some important guidelines regarding tax management, handling your accounts efficiently to boost profit and manage all the transactions that bring in money. The best part about outsourcing your bookkeeping services is that you get customised service that matches your bookkeeping needs.

Hiring an In-House Bookkeeper or Accountant

If your company is a small scale company and requires low budget St Paul bookkeeping services, then you can consider an option of hiring an in-house tax accountant St Paul. You can either hire an part time bookkeeper or a full time bookkeeper. If the bookkeeping transactions occurring in your business are low, the part time bookkeeper can cost you around $400-$800 per month. If your firm has developed and needs a full time dedicated Small business accounting st Paul, then it might cost you a sum of $3000-$4000.

The bookkeepers also work on hourly basis depending on the location and intensity of work. These Small business accounting St Paul service providers perform all the duties to manage and supervise the financial transactions of your company.

It is important for the companies to conduct an analysis of financial transactions happening in the company in order to identify the best bookkeeping methodology. While choosing the bookkeeping service smartly, companies can save a lot of amount.

7 Ways Accountant Services Can Help Boost Your Profits

Either you are an owner of a small business or a huge enterprise, if your business not generating enough profits, you definitely need accountant services. Accounting plays a vital part in improving the profits of any business and thus, business owners should consult the accountants for ultimate advises regarding the finances. Small business accountants St Paul will help you grow your business, especially your profits in a rapid and innovative way.

Look for the tax accountants Paul that can identify the hidden traits in your business and find ways to grow your business. If you are still confused about how a small business accounting St Paul can boost your business, here are some reasons to consider:

Accountants Reduce Bad Debts

Bad debts can have a destructing impact on your business and these debts need to be cleared. The Tax accountant St Paul can implement their debt collection system and make sure that you face no losses due to bad debt. The Small business accounting St Paul can overhaul your debt collection policies and suggest improvements. This would simply improve cash flow in your company and increase profits.

Accountants Can Plan for Profit

Small business accounting St Paul can sit by your side and plan the business projects to ensure future growth and profits. Accountants have this amazing capability to plan for profit growth in a unique way. They will offer charts for analysis, set key goals to achieve profits and help you implement the actions to achieve the profit generating goals.

Accountants Can Track and Repair Your Advertisement Investments

Not only the advertisement investment, but the Small business accounting St Paul can also identify and identify the return of each and every penny you spend on advertisement, sales or all the different areas of your business. A lot of business owners miss to monitor such investments and have no idea of their expenditures that do not offer rate of return.

Accountants Can Negotiate with the Suppliers and Get the Best Deals for You

Tax accountants St Paul have a great sense of negotiating with people. They can review the sources of the material you use and check if it can be negotiated at a better deal. You can expect your accountants to get involved in direct negotiation with your suppliers and get the best deals for you. This way, you can save a lot of money.

Reduce Unprofitable Products

The tax accountants St Paul have the ability to identify the unprofitable services or products from your business and clear the space for some promising products. Your underperforming products can be easily identified and replaced with some profit generating products by your accountants.

Accountants Will Revive Your Pricing Strategy for Maximising Pricing

The Small business accounting St Paul will have a look at your financing structure and restructure into something more profitable. They review all your products and set the prices as per the market expectations to boost profits.

Small Business Accounting St Paul Will Identify and Pitch Your Valuable Customers

Identifying and pitching the right customers is immensely important if you need to boost your profits. The accountants do the same thing while analysing your entire customer database and identify each customer that is contributing in your profits.

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