Tax Session is on the Way &  new version of QuickBooks arrived in the market and you are willing to upgrade it. You have bought the new Quickbooks Versions. Now you are worried about upgrading the old data files into your new version of QuickBooks.

You don’t need to worry about anything. It should be done automatically but there will few red flags. Here are few things that you have to follow.

You have to open your software CD and start installing the new version of QuickBooks. After completing the installation & registration of your New Quickbooks Versions. Open the New Version of QuickBooks software Program. Click on File and then Click on New Company from Existing Company Files. Navigate to your old company file and Open it. QuickBooks will see that your company file belongs to the old version of QuickBooks that you are going to open with the new version of QuickBooks.

There should be the popup that will ask that are you sure to upgrade your file to the new Quickbooks Versions. This process will be unchangeable. So QuickBooks confirming from you before moved to next step.

Once you confirmed, QuickBooks start updating your file into the new version and it will take several minutes if your file will be large.

It’s Done!  Your Company file is converted t new version and You it’s ready to use.

Red Flags of Quickbooks Versions:

  • Before starting the upgrading from old version to new version, you have to take a step to back up the company data file. You have to take this step before installing the new version. Just make the things decently and perfect when you are saving the backup.
  • Maybe you have some data corruption issues when you are tacking back up. You have to do Data Repair in this process.
  • If you are jumping from too old version to new version like 2002 to 2016 or 2008 to 2018. Maybe you will face greater issues in this upgradation.
  • If you have big Date file, you have to be patient because that file will take longer then small Data file. So don’t worry that it’s taking too much time.

Do you have similar experience doing the upgrading from old version of QuickBooks to the new Quickbooks Versions? Or you have experience of moving data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.