Paying taxes is a paramount part of our society as it is the backbone of all the social services that we avail. Our community clearly understands the importance, and this is why so much attention and hype is provided to the annual tax filing activity. Knowing the schedule of tax filing is critical as this is something that you don’t want to put off until the last minute. With national and international media and now the internet covering the annual tax filing activity, there is no shortage of information about the dates and the process. We have gathered some important information that should prove to be extremely useful to you during the tax filing 2017. The first thing you need to know is that IRS has officially announced the first day to file taxes 2017. The date is 23rd January, and we highly recommend you keep it marked on your calendar.

Paper and E-Filing

The IRS has two different ways of receiving tax filing documentation from the taxpayers. One is the old system of filing taxes on papers and the new more convenient one i.e. E-Filing. The paper submission gets started a little earlier, but one thing must be kept in mind. There is virtually zero difference between filing your taxes on paper or through the e-filing system of IRS. Therefore, if you have an internet connection, only mark the first day to file taxes 2017 on your computer and set a reminder to file your taxes online immediately from any suitable website. The e-filing would allow you to submit your tax filing documents at the comfort of your home on the very first day to file taxes 2017.

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Delays Expected

While the first day to file taxes 2017 has already been set, another announcement also came along this year. The Internal Revenue Service has announced that there is a delay to be expected by tax filers in the refunding against their claims. This information has been provided before the start of tax filing period to ensure that no taxpayers are caught by surprise when they don’t receive their refunds timely. With that information out, people are wondering if it is really a good idea to file their taxes on time or wait a little while. With a sufficient amount of extension time available, we urge our readers to hold off the filing of their taxes this year. This would help minimize the time that you would require to get your refunds after first day to file taxes 2017.

Refund Period

After having filed your taxes right on the first day to file taxes 2017, the biggest concern for everyone is to get their refunds. The first thing that you need to know is that refunds are only available within the first three years of having filed your taxes. After this period has passed, you can no longer claim a rebate against your filed taxes even if you are completely eligible. So this year use the first day to file taxes 2017 as your starting point to figure out a way to claim your refunds on time.

While The First Day of Filing Taxes in 2017 is the same for everyone, there are different deadline dates for each category of tax filers. Make sure you know where you fall and then ensure timely submission accordingly

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